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  A: According to the materials used and the size, normally a typical driveway takes between 5-7 days to complete

A: When a driveway is laid by Master Pave Home Improvements, and if proper restoration and maintenance is carried out, your driveway should last a lifetime.

A: No, once you have decided on the size, the price will not change

A: We pride ourselves in carry out all the work ourselves from start to finish.

A: Yes, our references are available on request.

A: Sometimes, but generally no deposit is needed, but this may depend on the size of the project. The full amount is payed once the job is completed.

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Master Pave Home Improvements

4 Wickford Farm

Pinstone Way

Gerrards Cross



We are based in London and work throughout the surrounding areas.

Greater London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Close to the M25.

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